Wednesday, October 13, 2010

propagation planning

propga? what? if you're wondering what this is, so was i. Griffin Farley and Mike Monello, a planner at BBH and a founder of Campfire respectively explain the importance of word of mouth and influencers. oftentimes targeting those who influence your actual target is more effective that targeting your actual target.

for example: for the launch of the movie Coraline, propagation planning was used to create "Coraline Boxes" which were a collection of oddities, dolls, and props about the movie which were then sent to online "influencers" who would blog and share about it.
another example of propagation planning is the "Great Schlep" in which the Obama campaign targeted jewish grandchildren in attempts to convert their older grandparents. both were wildly successful.

take a look for yourself:

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