Friday, October 1, 2010

are YOU using your brain enough?

So I'm obsessed with the website information is beautiful. They recently did a piece on how the world brain power is just waiting and wanting to be utilized. Take a look at this:

This is crazy isn't it!? Imagine the insane innovations that could advance our society if people just used their brain more. It ridiculous to think that people spent 100 million hours on making Wikipedia the substantiated website it is today. However, its PALES in comparison to the time that people spend watching TV. And that's YEARLY. Now obviously people need a break every now and again to kick their feet back and relax. But if everyone just cut the amount of TV they watched in a quarter (or even a tenth), just imagine all that could be done to fix our fucked up world? World peace? Eliminate hunger? Suffering? Prejudice?

You know you're just itching to be the next Mark Zuckerberg. Then you could have a biographical movie that you didn't approve made about you! Awesome!


  1. Aaron, don't you watch a lot of TV?

  2. when i said "everyone" in terms of cutting back, i meant myself as well. i am a part of "everyone".