Monday, October 4, 2010

awesome is always scary

I stumbled across the BBH Labs blog the other day and saw this great post by ex-BBH planner Ben Malbon who's leaving his post there to join the Google Creative Labs. He mentions that "The vast chasm between really good and extraordinary is filled with fear. If you push yourself to the extent that you’re deeply uncomfortable, you’ll be fine; if you’re comfortable, you’re not pushing hard enough." This really hit home for me because at times I feel like I'm too comfortable at my job here. Pushing your limits to that feeling of discomfort is what breaks boundaries - this is something I learned as a competitive gymnast years ago so it's natural that I should be applying it to my work ethic as well.

The art of storytelling at its finest:

I don't think this guy would have made it this far if had "played it safe" and didn't push the edge of the envelope.

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