Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 strategies for a strategist

so a bit different post than normal, but i couldn't help but share this insightful article.
mark pollard, who is amazingly intelligent and creative strategist out of Sydney.

he discusses "10 strategies for a strategist’s career – right now"

to recap:
1. pick an audience - diversity rocks!
2. build an audience - it's all about the consumer.
3. get experience - live it, love it, learn it.
4. get healthy - opportunities in healthcare.
5. numericise - math is fun! (and useful).
6. IP power move - develop true value...and PUSH IT.
7. like it spicy - move. china. india. latin america.
8. a little something on the side - make stuff. non work stuff. 
9. become a digital producer - truly understand digital.
10. start your own company - do it.

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